Tigers Basketball

"My coaches helped me gain a lot of new basketball skills and I feel I'm a better player.  I also made new friends on my TSO team.  We always have fun when we're together on and off the court."

Collin - 12yrs old

TSO is unique in comparison to other organizations. We encourage  student athletes at a young age to play in more than one sport of their choice.   Our price per athlete is significantly less than other competitive teams in the area. Our seasons are generally 6 months in duration, per sport, with overlapping sport options available within the organization. 


Our goal is to not just establish a competitive team of athletes.  We also want to develop each player individually to guide player and team becoming successful overall.   It important to us that the player, and team, have an enjoyable and positive experience along the way.


Mental toughness and adaption are essential in every sport, being 70% mental and 30% physical. Having a strong support of academics is what makes us stand out. We do not want athletes to come to us to develop as an athlete and yet fail in the classroom. Academics are what will provide a future success for each student athlete long-term.


Student athletes are role models within our community.  Acting accordingly and with professionalism on and off the field/court are behaviors we require from each of our players.  Negative actions of one can have influences on others, leading to a trickling effect that shed a negative affect throughout the community, the organization, and their peers.  Negative behaviors will not be tolerated or accepted by the organization. Actions can speak louder than words; proper actions and academic success are important to us.

TSO also provides community service for local high school students by volunteering within the organization. The high school student has the option to assist with registrations, coaching and participating in the organization's fundraisers.  We will provide community service letters to each of our high school student volunteers.  In order for the student to be considered, he/she must be recommended by the high school coach or athletic director, complete an interview, and have the ambition to assist in developing youth athletes.


Current players are also encouraged to volunteer coach and participate in our fundraisers.  We want player's to gain a sense of community by engaging in giving back to their community.